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zirconia crowns Best in esthetics and durability.
How Can You Get A Beautiful Smile? The first thing people notice about you is a smile. A beautiful smile plays an important role in success of personal and professional life. It cannot be gained overnight, but a variety of procedures has to be done to achieve it. Anything that improves your smile comes under cosmetic dentistry and it has become more popular than ever. It starts from whitening and shaping to closing spaces and replacing teeth. Teeth Whitening Over a period of time, teeth get stained or discolored due to smoking, certain medications, or foods and beverages such as coffee and tea. There are two procedures for whitening your teeth, one which can be done in a dental clinic (in office bleaching) and other which can be done at home. Whitening at home can be more convenient, but takes two to four weeks or longer depending on the strength of chemical used. In-office whitening can take place in one or more 1- to 2-hour visits. Your teeth can become stained again if you continue exposing them to the same substances that originally stained them Teeth colored fillings If your teeth are chipped, broken, stained, or cracked, then teeth colored fillings can be used to correct it We usually do this procedure in a single office visit Veneers These are thin, custom shells, made of porcelain; cover the front sides of the teeth to change their size, color and/or shape. Veneers provide a superior appearance. Veneers can improve teeth that: • Have spaces or gaps between them • Are chipped or worn • Are permanently stained • Are poorly shaped • Are slightly crooked Porcelain veneers are made in a laboratory, so you require a two to three visits. Crowns and Bridges Also called caps, they completely cover a tooth, restoring a normal shape and appearance. You may need a crown to: • Cover a discolored tooth • Protect a weak tooth • Restore a broken or worn tooth • Cover a tooth with a large filling • To replace a missing teeth • Cover a dental implant • After a root canal procedure Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain fused to metal and ceramic materials like Zirconia. These crowns can have a long life if you take good care of them. Enameloplasty It is shaping and contouring enamel to improve the appearance of your teeth. Often used to alter the length, shape, or position of teeth, reshaping and contouring can correct: • Chipped and irregular teeth • Minor bite problems Braces Braces not only align the teeth that are spaced (having gaps) or crowded but improve an irregular bite and correct jaw positioning and jaw joint disorders. Braces apply pressure to reposition the teeth. Braces are of many types Metal braces- these are made of stainless steel brackets. Ceramic braces- These are teeth colored braces for the one who wants to avoid ugly metal look inside the mouth. Lingual braces- These braces are placed on inside part of teeth. These braces are also called as hidden braces. Invisalign- These are the most advanced treatment option where no braces are required but series of clear aligners to be worn. These is most esthetic treatment option available. Regular oral hygiene becomes especially important while you are wearing braces. Often there are two phases to treatment with braces: wearing braces, and then using a retainer to hold your teeth in their new position. Implants Implants are a long-term and best treatment solution for replacing missing teeth. These are next best thing to natural healthy teeth Advantages of implants are: No need to cut natural teeth Preservation of bone Improved appearance Long lasting Other Periodontal Plastic Procedures An array of other soft tissue procedures can also improve your smile. This include: • An uneven gum line • Teeth that look too short or too long • Exposed roots If problems like these are a concern for you, contact us for your best options for correcting them and creating a smile that you can be proud of. Dr. Viral Gada Prosthodontist and Implantologist Viral’s Dental Avenue Website: Email id: Contact us on: +917719862020