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# DENTAL IMPLANTS Best option to replace natural teeth Helps to preserve bone No need to cut down the natural teeth Most comfortable treatment for patients Esthetic restoration # Best clinic for dental implants in mulund # Clinic for dental implants # Best implantologist in mumbai
# DENTAL FILLING # DENTAL RESTORATION #TOOTH COLOR FILLING # COMPOSITE FILLING Filling of decayed tooth structure with tooth colored restorative dental material to give proper shape, matching color with other teeth and good strength to prevent fracture
YELLOW TEETH Are you lacking confidence due to yellow teeth? Are you in search of good confident smile? Here are the things you need to know about it Reasons for yellow teeth 1. Poor oral hygiene 2. Heredity 3. Excess of tea or coffee or staining food in your diet 4. Certain diseases like amelogenesis imperfect or dentinogenesis imperfect 5. Trauma 6. Root canal treated 7. Excessive smoking and drinking 8. Aging 9. Certain medicines Solutions for yellow teeth 1. Scaling and polishing 2. Microabrassion 3. Teeth whitening or bleaching 4. Composite restorations 5. Porcelain veneers 6. Porcelain fused to ceramic or full contour ceramic 7. Combinations of above Depending on the cause for your yellow teeth, appropriate treatment can be opted for getting the best results. We always aim to provide the least invasive treatment possible to create the optimum outcome. Scaling for external stains and Microabrassion for internal stains are the most simplest and commonly carried out treatment. Tooth whitening is the most popular treatment for yellow teeth. If your teeth are worn or chipped off, then composite or veneers or caps are the best treatment options. Many a times, combination of treatment are required to get best results Virals Dental Avenue Dr. Viral Gada MDS (Prosthodontist and implantologist) call us at +91 7719862020
Get the smile you always wanted. Cosmetic restoration