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shiny white teeth Do you want to maintain shiny white teeth? Proper care for your teeth is essential to keep them in good health and also maintain bright and shiny smile. These are simple do's and don’ts that can give you a bright smile. Don't: 1. Avoid baking soda as much as possible. It starts to remove the enamel from the teeth resulting in yellowness. 2. Avoid fruits and other foods with dark color pigmentation which can stain your teeth. 3. Avoid drinking marketed energy drinks. They are not good for your teeth. The acids they contain have eroding effects which can remove the whitening from your teeth. Do's: 1. Replace your toothbrush every three months or any time you feel your brush looks worn-out. Get a good quality toothbrush. 2. Keep your tongue clean. It gives you fresh breath and also keep bacteria away that can cause discoloration. 3. Eating fruits is a good idea for retaining the whiteness of your teeth. It is said that eating fruits helps in cleaning the teeth and also keep them healthy. 4. Rinse your teeth every time after eating citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and limes as they contain acid that erodes enamel. For Details Contact Us Below Address : Viral;s Dental Avenue Supriya Heights, Corner of P.K. Road Opp. Municipal School, Mulund (W), Mumbai 400080. Phone Number 91 7719 862 020/ 022-25672021 Email Or visit our website: OR OR dental avenue OR OR OR dent& c=1_sulekha_mumbai_s
PERIODONTIST • Cleaning of teeth • Gum infection care • Gum surgeries • Loose teeth treatment • Treatment of englarged gums • cosmetic procedures • Exposed root treatment • Treatment of sensetive teeth • Treatment of sensetive teeth
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TEETH WHITENING The effective way to lighten the existing tooth shade without removing any tooth structure # best teeth whitening clinic in mulund # Teeth bleaching # teeth brightening
SILENSOR-SL / SNOREGUARD / TREATMENT FOR SNORING Do you grind your teeth? Do you have soreness or pain in cheek or head area? Do you feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth after waking up? Do you clench your teeth? Do you snore every night? Does your breathing stop (apnea) inbetween at any time during sleep? Does your snoring bothers your spouse? Do you wake up with headache SILENSOR-SL / SNOREGUARD can be a best suitable option for you. for more details contact us at Viral;s Dental Avenue Supriya Heights, Corner of P.K. Road Opp. Municipal School, Mulund (W), Mumbai 400080. Phone Number +91 7719 862 020 Email